Thursday, May 31, 2018

Fare Thee Well, Blogger

I doubt anyone still reads this little corner of the blogging world any more since I have so sorely neglected it. Just wanted to pop in and share that I did indeed complete my doctorate last year but have not returned to blogging due to other circumstances and commitments. I used to tell myself I would come back to this place once I had more time or more energy but I have finally acknowledged the truth - I have become quite a different person since I first started out on this journey and blogging just does not fit into my life now.

I have, like many bloggers, been drawn into the streamlined format of Instagram. If you care to give me a follow over there, my handle is aurora_blythe. I post far more regularly on IG than I do on Blogger since I can do it on-the-go from my phone. Most of you wonderful bloggy friends have already found me there, which has made my heart very happy. It always amazes me that our crafty makes and book-love can connect us so instantly from all corners of the globe!

From now on, I will keep this blog accessible but am closing all comments and will not be posting any further content here. I have captured many precious memories along the way and am thankful for the time I spent here, but it is time for me to bid an official adieu.