Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unpected Springtime on a Winter Day

This afternoon was an initial bummer for me. In my alternate life, I am an intervention specialist who had a doctor appointment today.... At least that is what I thought. The appointment was made four weeks ago while riding shotgun in a car during a blizzard. Not the best scenario for correctly remembering things of import.

Fast forward to today. Every calendar in my home and work space confirmed my appointment at 1:30 this afternoon. My sub plans were diligently prepared down to the tee, I actually secured a sub for a half day (which is no easy feat), and otherwise cleared my schedule for the remainder of the day. Entering the doctor's office with a smug 5 minutes to spare, I was dismayed when the receptionist informed me that my appointment is actually for tomorrow at 1:30.

After releasing a couple primal screams in my car, I began driving and eventually realized a heart-lifting truth. There was a bright side to this horrifically embarrassing situation. I now had the unexpected opportunity to visit a local craft store and was rewarded with the pleasant discovery of some fabulous springtime curiosities. Once home, I could not (of course) resist the quirky photo op, thus ending the day on a surprisingly cheery note.