Thursday, September 27, 2012

Country Living Fair 2012

Thanks to a buy one get one free coupon, Mimsie and I started our annual Country Living Fair expedition with a delightful new twist ~ Caribou Coffee! Their signature White Pumpkin Mocha is simply to die for. I have never consumed something that so perfectly epitomized autumn's delights into one medium to-go cup. Mimsie's dark chocolate turtle mocha was equally yummy.

Fair day dawned bright, clear and just crisp enough to warrant tights and a light sweater. (Fall fashions are my very favorite, so this brought me much happiness).

The variety of fabric pumpkins was astounding. Each vendor seemed to have their own variation that was equally clever. Tweeds, velveteens, cottons, patchwork... amazing!

Mimsie and I arrived at this tent just in time to enjoy a demonstration by Valerie Weberpal of Earth Angel's Studios. She shared with us her creative journey's beginning as a mom sewing unique clothing for her children. Now, today she finds inspiration making these adorable felty friends. No two of her creations are the same. She handstitches each one from recycled sweaters, vintage buttons, and other fabric fun she discovers along the way. When the final stitch is fastened off, Valerie has put 5 or more hours into making each felt cutie pie. 

Everywhere we went, Mimsie and I discovered some nook or cranny brimful of fall's abundant goodness. 

Watching this skilled craftsman mold his pottery in real time more deeply ingrained how wonderful it is to be able to by items that are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind originals. Inspiration popped out at us from every vendor's tent and autumn vignette we passed. I look forward to sharing more of our adventures in the coming week's posts. 

Until then, may you embrace autumn's graceful beauty to the fullest!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Chuckle for Your Day

~ Introverts and Extroverts ~

This not only gave me a couple of literal "LOL" moments, it also confirmed me as a complete and total introvert... and proud of it! 

May your day be full of unexpected mirth.

P.S. Click on the image to have it open in a new window with larger font for easier reading.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tea Time!

My grandmother's birthday was in July and 
so we celebrated by having a high tea.

 I made this refreshing No Bake Raspberry Lemonade mousse with vanilla crumbs instead of graham crackers. A bit more tart than I had anticipated, so we sugared the strawberry garnish. 

 All these dainty treats were made for only 3 people - myself, Mimsie, and Gram. We chatted, giggled, and reminisced until we had eaten ourselves into a saccharin stupor!

All in all, a wonderful day to honor my wonderful Gramikins.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well looky what finally got lined. Only took me 8 months, but I did it and my cousins loved them. Yahoo!

Now, onto some Christmas goodies for my school children.

Happy crafting!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Lucy Day!

 Hard to believe that a year ago today, we brought our baby 
home from the animal shelter.  

 Hubby knew he wanted a grey cat. I knew I wanted a short haired one.

 But most of all, we wanted a cat to snuggle 
and love and give a good home.

Lucy is a cat of many moods ~ 
sometimes cuddly, sometimes playful, sometimes wild.

 No matter the mood, we know she is our kitten cat. 
To love and nurture and make our house a home. 

 After I scooped her out of her shelter crate and held her to my heart, I knew she was mine. Lucy instantly wrapped her two sweet paws around my neck and claimed me as her mama.

The shelter didn't have her actual birth date on record, but we choose to celebrate this day as her Homecoming Day. So glad she came home with us! Now, she is queen of our castle (and we but her humble servants). There is never a day she doesn't bring us a chuckle. 

We love you, Lucy Cat!

What is your lovable pet story?