Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Looking at my calendar today, I realized that October is not just next month anymore, but the end of this week! Wow!

With school back in session, these past 5 weeks have pretty much 
been a blur of work and dinner prep with catching up 
housework on the weekends. 

Recently, I was rather proud of my first attempt at a Shepherd's Pie. It wasn't the best, but fair for an initial go. 

Just now, this view of my stairwell is capturing my attention - partially because it is not quite how it is supposed to be and every time I go up or down these steps I think, "Boy, I really need to hang some decorations soon.And partially because I am really in love with this aqua quilt and the bright, friendly touch it adds to our dim stairway.

Our schedule this weekend is actually fairly open for a change, so maybe I can tackle that hallway and delve into my fall boxes. I am leaving work a smidge early Friday since John is having oral surgery that afternoon. He is rather nervous about it, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. The doctor told him he is going to be SORE for quite awhile afterwards. Thankfully, I all ready have plenty of soups and puddings and jello at the ready. 

Hope the rest of your week is lovely. 
We are halfway to another weekend. Yay! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fair Treasures

 Vintage notions were available in full abundance this year...

 ... a fact that tickled my heart! 
(and apparently the cat's fancy, too, as it was terribly difficult to snag a picture 
of my findings without Lucy sneaking in a paw or a whisker)

 Vintage hankies - another collecting mania of mine. 

 Every year, Sharon Blythe's booth never fails to disappoint. One of her specialties is creating pillows from vintage fabrics. The pillow pictured above was fashioned from vintage aqua chenille and the embroidered remnants of an old dishtowel or pillowcase. The mauve crocheted dresser toppers were also from her fabulously fun booth. 

 I appreciate the attention to detail Sharon puts into her wares. Just look at the adorable fairy stamped onto the back of the price tag!

 These notions caught my eye in the back corner of another vendor's tent. I am considering stitching the cherry red buttons directly onto the blue bias tape. Wouldn't it make a great accent on a purse or an apron?


Hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall Sunday! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glimpses of the Country Living Fair 2011


As always, there are many beautiful reasons to visit the Country Living Fair. I got so many photos this year, that it will take me several posts to share all the wealth of beautiful shop links and inspiration... 
Quite a fun "problem" to have, huh? :-)

It is Mimsie and I's annual tradition to visit this wonderful mecca of vintage and handmade goods. Our 5th trip to the Fair dawned on a brilliant September day that was neither too hot nor too cold. 
Mimsie was a smart planner this year and actually brought a piece of rolling luggage to make toting all our treasures that much easier. The day went by all too fast, but was a pure pleasure from beginning to end. Spending a day with Mimsie is always the epitome of fun, but to spend one with her at the historic Ohio Village landscaped with a host 
of mesmerizing goodies? Priceless!

With miles of beautiful wares as far as the eye could see, we both returned home happily tuckered out bolstered by the awesome deals. I look forward to sharing them with you in future posts. 
Right now, the dinner bell is calling my name, so I shall continue this happy diatribe later.

Till then, happy thrifting!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011



... Miss Lucy Cat!

I had originally been quite adamant upon our marriage that our home would be a pet-free haven. I have allergies and very little tolerance for cleaning up after pets.


9 weeks of marriage can change original opinions drastically. Especially when one's husband works 2nd shift. I quickly realized I needed a furry little companion to cuddle up with when the evenings seemed long, lonely, and sometimes a bit creepy. 

Thankfully, hubby is especially fond of cats and it didn't take much to convince him of our need to adopt a new member into our family. So off to the animal shelter we went! 

Lucy was just waiting for us. We found her sweet grey and white self in one of the lower crates towards the far end of the room. We had been there awhile and almost determined that we would just come back in a few weeks when her crate caught my eye. Upon taking her out of the crate, Lucy immediately placed a paw on either side of my neck sweetly burrowing into me. That was it. I was smitten!

Two weeks later and we cannot imagine our home without Lucy. She brings an added dimension of love, joy, and entertainment into our home. As you can see by her pictures, she is quite the playful cat. Lucy was so fascinated by my camera's wrist strap, it was hard to get a picture of her. She kept lunging at me as I tried to snap some photos. I look forward to featuring our darling Lucy on many a future post. Her antics keep us in stitches!

Until then, happy day to all you dear readers! 
May you find love and joy in full abundance!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some days...

,,, simply beg you to snuggle up and soothe away the aches of the day with a nice cloud of aroma therapy. My day wasn't bad. Just left me tired, sore, and with an achy throat. Gonna go put on a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of this fleeting evening.
Wishing you a lovely, relaxing evening!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We will never forget.

In honor of all the men and women who so bravely helped 
our nation in a time of greatest need. 
We salute you!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you, Debi!

 A big thanks goes out to Debi Y. for sending a lovely blog award my way. This is my first one and I am very honored to receive it. 

7 Things About Me....

1. I was recently tormented by a bat issue in my basement. Just when we thought we had foamed up every nook and cranny, another bat would wait until I was doing laundry down there by myself to come swoop at my head again! Yikes! After 3 weeks, I think we finally took care of the very creepy issue... phew!

2. Big Band music is one of my all time favorite music genres followed closely by Christmas music which I will get to start listening to in just 2 more months! 

3. Sappy movies inevitably make me cry. The sweet sappy kind like P.S. I Love You

4. I am a voracious reader! Have been a devoted bookworm since  I was a child. Some of my many favorites are the works of Jane Austen, L.M.Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Jan Karon, Robin Jones Gunn, Frances Hodgeson Burnett, and too many others to count!

5. I am overly fond of using exclamation points (as anyone who reads my blog very often can attest).

6. A couple autumns ago, I got a bad case of mono compounded by anemia. It was a scary few months because the doctors tested me for many things and thought I had leukemia before the mono finally showed up many weeks later. It still likes to recur. I have to pace myself and not take on too many commitments at one time... which is really, really hard for me to do. 

7. My hubby and I are both a couple of old fogies. Friday nights typically find us at home with a movie going to bed early because the week has left us both whooped. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. 
Don't think anything too shocking was revealed. 
Just hope I wasn't a bore ;-)

Happy fall day to you! 
(At least that is the season it currently feels like in my part of the world).