Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Anticipation

Just under a week until Easter Sunday, when I shall get to wear this adorable beaded number I picked up for only a few dollars at the Country Living Fair a couple years ago. Although not the first time I have used this ultra-cute vintage purse, it is the first time I've taken her out in a while. Most of her days are spent prettying up the handle of a closet door, but I am eager to release her of her decorative duties this Sunday. 
I recently bought a vintage-inspired, pale lavender cardigan at Old Navy and think the two pieces will look fetching together. Generally, when I buy a new article of clothing, I immediately don the piece the very next day. However, I have been a good girl and resisted the urge to showcase my sweater until Easter Sunday. 
So far, I have made it 10 days. Let's see if I can last these next 6.....
     ..... until then... 
...I'll suffice.... dream on.... 

What are you currently dreaming about?

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  1. Nice cardigan. Someone really special must have helped you pick it out!


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