Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Pretty Posy

Nicky Epstein's book, Crochet Flowers, is fast becoming a daily source of inspiration for me. This is the second flower I have made from her beautiful compendium. 

I had originally thought that the petals were one cohesive piece with only the center itself being separate.  However, the center as well as each of the five petals are all separately crocheted pieces. 

The final step of this endeavor is to hand-sew all six pieces together. I had anticipated this to be fairly simple, but it really is somewhat of an art form. One I hope to better hone with coming projects.

This particular posy will look best once sewn in proper position on a handbag or pillow. It would flop about too much as a sweater pin. Let me know which crochet flower you like best ~ the calla lily or this five petal posy? 


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!! We love the fair but unfortunately can't attend this year.. :( Thanks for stopping by. LOVE your BLOG!! Best to you,
    The Vintage Barn

  2. Know your booth will be missed, Rolane. Blessings to you in all your coming adventures :)


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