Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going through drawers and boxes of old ephemera....
I realized that I had gathered quite a collection of beautiful papers and postcards most of which carried very dear memories or precious sentiments with them. I didn't want these gems of my past to remain hidden away out of sight, out of mind, and relegated to just another pile of clutter shuffling back and forth in a random drawer.

I have a large bookcase my father designed with me and later custom made by hand for me. Many of my idea notebooks and old magazines reside behind the doors of its lower cabinet, hence I am constantly rummaging in its inner most depths.  So I thought one day, "Why not make the inside of the doors as pretty as the outside?" 

I ended up making some bold decisions tossing all but the most exceptionally meaningful pieces of pretty papers. Upon that task's accomplishment (and without thinking twice... which is how the best creative ideas get born, in my opinion), I grabbed the Mason jar of left over antique pink paint off of its tired closet shelf and generously doused both doors' inner boards in the blissful hue. Once dry, I took all of my favorite ephemera, rolled simple pieces of scotch tape on back, and affixed each paper memory across the doors in a happy mismatch of vintage splendor. 

Every time I open this cabinet (which is at least once a day) my heart is tickled with the joy of a personal job well done.