Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jolly Old St. Nicholas.... 

... I recently got my first Lion Brand catalog and now have a full list of items that I would LOVE for Santa to bring me this year. 

1. A basket overflowing with a bounty of luxurious yarn in a rainbow of yummy colors.

2. Elves who will come and take all my yarn scraps and roll them into the most symmetrical, perfectly round balls of fiber I have ever seen. (Seriously, who else would take the time to wrap yarn so meticulously?)

4. An art studio with enough room to clearly display my scads of crafting supplies and a table with plenty of elbow room for my friends to join me. 

5. And last, but not least by far, I wish for a trip to New York City to witness for myself the grand window displays of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio where nearly every item is either knit or crocheted. What a treasure trove of inspiration!

I wonder how much cookies and milk I would have to leave out on Christmas Eve to get all of this? ;-)

All photos (save dear old Santa) were from the 
Lion Brand 2010-2011 catalog