Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Crochet Journey

I was a bit upset this past week that the two separate battery packs for my new camera are no longer wanting to recharge after a mere five months of use. I have not been able to upload any recent crochet projects due to my camera's fickle nature just now. I will have a shot all perfectly lined up ready to go, snap one or two pictures and then.... the battery exhausted light comes on and I can no longer finish my photo story. Major grrrr!

Today, however, I happened upon some old jump drives filled with picture files. And what did I find? Nothing less than a whole folder titled Crochet chronicling some of the many afghans I have made through the years. I was astonished at the volume and grew misty-eyed over some of the memories attached to the creation of these blankets. 

This afghan was crocheted in honor of my friend Heather's marriage back in 2006.

I have fond memories of this afghan. It was the joint effort of myself, my mother, and my sister (both of whom I had recently taught to crochet). We did the squares together, then I joined them, after which time we proudly mailed this shared labor of love to a woman in Cleveland who used to distribute afghans to children in foster programs. 

 I primarily crocheted this afghan while on a trip out west in 2007. This, too, was an afghan that was donated to Cleveland foster homes. Even thought this particular charity organization no longer exists, it was a great joy to be a part of it. The leader posted pictures of each completed ghan on her Yahoo group site with the name the donating crocheter had chosen for her afghan. I named this ghan Tiffany after my dear friend (and co-Sunday School teacher) who passed away during the making of this blanket. She was only 24 years old. I had never had someone that close to me die, nor personally known someone so young to pass away. I dedicated this ghan in her memory. She was a bright light to many children in our Sunday School class and had a heart for service. Tiffany was always ready to lend a hand, help cook a church supper, or share a laugh. It has been over three years and it still feels weird to teach class without her there. I was proud to be able to donate this in her honor. 

But God brings grace to us each day. As one life leaves, new life and light comes back to us in different ways. I crocheted this blanket for my childhood friend Faith in anticipation of the arrival of her first child... a beautiful baby girl. I had never made a blanket of this complexity before and was very pleased with its results - even though I am not pleased with how I look in this picture... 

This blanket was also crocheted the same year for my other friend Rachel who had her first child... also a sweet-eyed baby girl. Rachel planned a very natural theme for her nursery and loved this exquisitely soft yarn we found for a steal at Pat Catan's. I can no longer remember the brand, but wish I did. The yarn was variegated and happened to form these nice, even stripes as I crocheted.

So, all in all, I am no longer quite as grumpy with my camera's battery issue, for it allowed me to take a trip down memory lane and feel a renewed sense of accomplishment for my craft.