Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Bliss

Nothing like a snow day to rev up the creative juices! I have enjoyed meandering about the house, catching up on the odds and ends that have a way of piling up oh so very quickly. Snow gazing breaks have, of course, punctuated the day at regular intervals. I never cease to be completely enthralled in watching the whirling white wonders of winter as they fall down to grace the world with their transient beauty. It has snowed all day ~ at times in a mist so fine it seemed as if the snow had ceased all together and then in sudden rushing masses of huge, fuzzy flakes. Nothing beats a snow day. 

This morning, I read a quote from one of my favorite children's books (the first chapter book I ever read entirely on my own, in fact)  
A Cricket in Times Square
by George Selden:

"Talent is something rare and beautiful and precious, and it must not be allowed to go to waste."

I have been pondering ponder-some thoughts about this quote all day and have decided to use this first month of a brand new year to examine my life and how I use my talents. Am I living each day in a meaningful way? 

I have come to believe that the mere act of smiling at a passerby can be a talent, because it takes a thoughtful person to remember to do something so small, 
yet so powerful.

 With wedding planning and stress at work, I have caught myself rushing here and there often with a frown of intense concentration on my face. It's time for me to let go some of those minor stresses and focus on the things that are truly important in life. 

Here's to a 2011 lived intentionally and to the fullest.