Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Dress Hanger

We have all seen it. The classic wedding album picture of The Perfect Dress hanging over a door in solitary wonder just waiting for the bride to slip into it and become princess for a day. As much as I love this iconic wedding photo, I wanted mine to have its own distinctive flair. So when I discovered Dottie Angel's tutorial I knew I'd found the perfect solution. I immediately took my hook in hand and began crocheting a unique hanger for my big day. 

As I got further along in the project, though, it became apparent that something was a tad out of whack. I revisited Dottie Angel and realized she had these amazing, vintage wooden hangers that arced like a rainbow, whereas mine were of more contemporary stock. At first, I was flummoxed and raided several area stores to see if I could find something remotely similar in shape, but to no avail. So, I doggedly got back to working around the comparatively awkward shape of my own wooden hanger.

The original pattern called for a solid line of single crochets to  encircle the hanger and thus join the front and back double shell-stitched panels to the hanger. At the top and bottom of the curviest part of my hanger, I switched to three chains to connect the panels instead, getting a fairly smooth final product. However, I did not just chain three across to the back and zig zag over to the next stitch. I had to do a second chain of three from the back stitch up to the same front stitch I had started out with or else the wooden hanger showed through too much.  

In the end, I still thought the top of the hanger looked a little wonky, so I was grateful to have this adorable mini-bouquet of vintage florets on hand. I had bought them from Jessica's shop Such Pretty Things a couple months ago hoping at the time to find a way of slipping them into the wedding somehow. I think I have now found the perfect way to showcase them. Don't you?


  1. So pretty! I love how you used them!


  2. This is the perfect hanger! And I think those crochet votives would be a perfect table centerpiece at your wedding. Simple and elegant. How cool to have so many special handmade touches at your wedding!

  3. Gorgeous! Lovely addition of flowers, Have a sweet day!


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