Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Customized Wedding Matchboxes ~

One good thing to be said for all these icy, snowy days:
I have had extra time this week to get ahead on wedding crafting. Mimsie and I whipped up 70 matchbox covers in less than an hour. But wait. It gets better. The total material cost was only about $9. Now that is a wedding craft worth doing! 

If you do not all ready have a mini-paper cutter, I would highly suggest investing in one before committing to this project. My aunt recently gave me one, so I did not include it in my material costs for this project. 

First, we used the paper trimmer to cut 2 1/8" x  3 3/8" rectangles out of a variety of pretty scrapbook papers all in complimentary hues. Stiff scrapbook paper covers better than thinner sheets since it is less likely to permit the original matchbox printing to show through. 

Next, I got my double-sided tape roller ready and went to town wrapping the plain albeit sturdy matchboxes (which I purchased from Dollar Tree ten to a dollar pack). I found that one or two swipes of the roller on the side closest to the striking edge worked best on both sides. 

The final step was to affix a monogrammed sticker in the center. I got mine in the Michael's dollar bin last summer. (I know... you are thinking, "Does this gal ever shop anywhere else?"). Each package had 42 seals. 

With Mimsie's help, this project went super-fast. We had a nice rhythm down. She trimmed while I pasted and then we both stickered them together. 

And there you have it. A quick and easy, personalized wedding craft. I loved how cute they looked as we stacked them into piles. They reminded us of miniature Bibles. We each plan to keep one not only as a memento of the big day, but also to commemorate the special hour we spent together as mother and daughter crafting together 
on an icy winter day. 

Till next time...