Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty Posie Smiles 

It's been a rather gloomy day here in Ohio. Snow covers the ground in soggy blankets as eerie mists hover among the tree lines. With such dank, creepy weather I thought we could all do with a happy dash of electric aqua and luscious raspberry. This color combo always brightens my day! 

For the raspberry center, I followed the directions per Miss Suzann Thompson's suggestion in her inspirational book Crochet Flowers. Since these posies are being transformed into broach pins, I felt it needed a sturdier base. To make the base above simply grab your F-hook and your favorite light weight yarn before doing the following:

1 - chain three and slip stitch to form a circle. 
2 - 8 sc in circle
3 - ch 1; turn; 2 sc in each sc of round beneath
4 - ch 1; turn; 1 sc in first sc; 2 sc in next sc; 
keep working sc pattern till round is complete
5 - sl stitch in 3 sc; chain 4; sc in 2nd ch from hook and all the way down remaining chains; sl into base of stitch; repeat (note: I cannot remember if this turned out evenly or if I had only 2 sl st between two of the sc spikes)

My hands are busy every night cheerfully whipping up lovelies for the big day. Just 128 days left to go! And about a billion more details to wrap up. Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Have a safe and happy Thursday!