Saturday, March 12, 2011

Final Round of Posies 
(for now, anyway)

~ smaller than most of my other posies despite the largeness of the picture ~

~ recognize me? this time jazzed up with a vintage button ~

~ required a lot of hand sewing to bring this one together ~

Hope you have enjoyed tiptoeing through the posies with me. I am fascinated by the workmanship involved with these patterns. My mind is always jumping ahead to the what ifs of a different color combo or a slightly more delicate yarn. However, my posie love must be put to the side for now as I busy my hands with new and exciting projects for the wedding. 
Only 112 more days now! 

Happy Saturday! 


  1. I love this combination of colors! Very pretty! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  2. I love your pretty posies! The one with the vintage button is my fave--oooh, aaahh! Nice work. :)

  3. very pretty buttons, and love the colour of your flowers.

  4. these are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! you are incredibly talented and i enjoyed tiptoeing through the posies with you ;)

  5. Thank you all. I appreciate your comments and am so glad you happened by to my corner of blogland today =)


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