Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you ever heard of pineapple mint? Neither had I until about a week ago while visiting my cousin Ginger. The soft, veiny leaf when fresh plucked does indeed carry a dual frangrance of pineapple & mint. I was instantly enchanted (and I must admit very tempted to sneak 
the plant home with me). 

This year, Ginger has taken a decided interest in all things herbal. After extensive experimentation, my cousin has now become quite the herb snob (I mean that in a good way) and happily endowed me with her new found wisdom. For example, unless you have the acreage to form lush raised beds, container gardening is the way to go with herbs. Don't even waste your time mucking about with anything else. Also, certain herbs do better being dried before use while others still are best crushed fresh. Her current experiments are in the area of calming tea infusions. 
I can't wait to find out what Ginger's next discoveries shall be.

Till then, I wish you all peaceful gardening dreams!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog :)

    I had this phase when I was reading a lot about the medical qualities of different herbs. I had my own patch in our garden where I kept herbs and vegetables. I'm afraid I've kind of neglected it the past couple of years, though.

  2. I love reaping the benefits of other's garden labors, but must admit I myself am not that much of a green thumb. I do a little container gardening and that's it so far. Right now, I am most concerned with moving in and organizing my new home. The outside can be taken care of later! haha

  3. I've never heard of pineapple mint before. Now I have to go do some research. hmmmm.

    I love the picture of your oh so red living room wall!

  4. I have never heard of this. Sounds yummy! I love gardening. But my little garden has been a bit neglected this year. And the squirrels stole all of our tomatoes. :( Oh well... The great thing about gardening. We can start over next year. Thanks for the tip at Tangled Happy. You know I am always on the look out for great patterns and tutorials. Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

  5. Hello!

    So nice stopping by to visit with you! I have perused several of your posts and enjoyed each one! Sweet place you have here :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  6. i have some pineapple sage, but now i need pineapple mint too! next time you visit your cousin, i'm sure she'll let you pinch off a sprig that you can easily root in water and make your own plant. mint is especially easy to do this with!

  7. Thanks for the tip, cal! I will have to do that :-)


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