Monday, August 29, 2011

What I love about...

... my bathroom! 
This is one room where I let my Shabby Chic inklings take control. John is a sweet and highly tolerant hubby, but too much froo-froo and he puts his foot down. Thus, I have kept the main floor bolder color schemes. However... the upstairs is pretty much my own domain. The Rachel Ashwell shower curtain from Target really set the whole tone for the room. Then,the accessories just fell happily into place from there. The second best thing I did for this space was hang a white lace panel in place of the old, heavy brown one. Instant light cascaded into the room. Privacy isn't an issue since there was all ready mottled glass in place for the second story room. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my home. As the nesting process continues, I hope to share more rooms in future.

Till then, happy nesting!