Friday, September 16, 2011



... Miss Lucy Cat!

I had originally been quite adamant upon our marriage that our home would be a pet-free haven. I have allergies and very little tolerance for cleaning up after pets.


9 weeks of marriage can change original opinions drastically. Especially when one's husband works 2nd shift. I quickly realized I needed a furry little companion to cuddle up with when the evenings seemed long, lonely, and sometimes a bit creepy. 

Thankfully, hubby is especially fond of cats and it didn't take much to convince him of our need to adopt a new member into our family. So off to the animal shelter we went! 

Lucy was just waiting for us. We found her sweet grey and white self in one of the lower crates towards the far end of the room. We had been there awhile and almost determined that we would just come back in a few weeks when her crate caught my eye. Upon taking her out of the crate, Lucy immediately placed a paw on either side of my neck sweetly burrowing into me. That was it. I was smitten!

Two weeks later and we cannot imagine our home without Lucy. She brings an added dimension of love, joy, and entertainment into our home. As you can see by her pictures, she is quite the playful cat. Lucy was so fascinated by my camera's wrist strap, it was hard to get a picture of her. She kept lunging at me as I tried to snap some photos. I look forward to featuring our darling Lucy on many a future post. Her antics keep us in stitches!

Until then, happy day to all you dear readers! 
May you find love and joy in full abundance!