Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you, Debi!

 A big thanks goes out to Debi Y. for sending a lovely blog award my way. This is my first one and I am very honored to receive it. 

7 Things About Me....

1. I was recently tormented by a bat issue in my basement. Just when we thought we had foamed up every nook and cranny, another bat would wait until I was doing laundry down there by myself to come swoop at my head again! Yikes! After 3 weeks, I think we finally took care of the very creepy issue... phew!

2. Big Band music is one of my all time favorite music genres followed closely by Christmas music which I will get to start listening to in just 2 more months! 

3. Sappy movies inevitably make me cry. The sweet sappy kind like P.S. I Love You

4. I am a voracious reader! Have been a devoted bookworm since  I was a child. Some of my many favorites are the works of Jane Austen, L.M.Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Jan Karon, Robin Jones Gunn, Frances Hodgeson Burnett, and too many others to count!

5. I am overly fond of using exclamation points (as anyone who reads my blog very often can attest).

6. A couple autumns ago, I got a bad case of mono compounded by anemia. It was a scary few months because the doctors tested me for many things and thought I had leukemia before the mono finally showed up many weeks later. It still likes to recur. I have to pace myself and not take on too many commitments at one time... which is really, really hard for me to do. 

7. My hubby and I are both a couple of old fogies. Friday nights typically find us at home with a movie going to bed early because the week has left us both whooped. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. 
Don't think anything too shocking was revealed. 
Just hope I wasn't a bore ;-)

Happy fall day to you! 
(At least that is the season it currently feels like in my part of the world).