Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you, Debi!

 A big thanks goes out to Debi Y. for sending a lovely blog award my way. This is my first one and I am very honored to receive it. 

7 Things About Me....

1. I was recently tormented by a bat issue in my basement. Just when we thought we had foamed up every nook and cranny, another bat would wait until I was doing laundry down there by myself to come swoop at my head again! Yikes! After 3 weeks, I think we finally took care of the very creepy issue... phew!

2. Big Band music is one of my all time favorite music genres followed closely by Christmas music which I will get to start listening to in just 2 more months! 

3. Sappy movies inevitably make me cry. The sweet sappy kind like P.S. I Love You

4. I am a voracious reader! Have been a devoted bookworm since  I was a child. Some of my many favorites are the works of Jane Austen, L.M.Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Jan Karon, Robin Jones Gunn, Frances Hodgeson Burnett, and too many others to count!

5. I am overly fond of using exclamation points (as anyone who reads my blog very often can attest).

6. A couple autumns ago, I got a bad case of mono compounded by anemia. It was a scary few months because the doctors tested me for many things and thought I had leukemia before the mono finally showed up many weeks later. It still likes to recur. I have to pace myself and not take on too many commitments at one time... which is really, really hard for me to do. 

7. My hubby and I are both a couple of old fogies. Friday nights typically find us at home with a movie going to bed early because the week has left us both whooped. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. 
Don't think anything too shocking was revealed. 
Just hope I wasn't a bore ;-)

Happy fall day to you! 
(At least that is the season it currently feels like in my part of the world).


  1. It certainly does not feel like fall here in California, it was 100 today....terrible! Btw, 7 things about you, definitely not a bore =) Have a lovely evening! Xoxoxo

  2. You're very welcome - and I wasn't bored at all. :)

  3. Congrats :)
    Loved reading your pieces about your life, sounds like a lot of my own, early nights, reading, PS I love you, def a fav of mine along with You've got Mail......cheesey eh!!!
    Have a lovely day
    Karen :)

  4. Congrats! You have a sweet blog here. :)

    I also love Big Band music and love reading Austen. I'm reading Persuasion now. Slowly making my way through all her novels. ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  5. You are not a bore. I loved hearing about you. That is how we get to know each other. My husband and I do the same thing on Fridays.

  6. Love these little titbits about you my friend..exclamation points are over used by me as well. One will never do. xo

  7. I watched PS I Love You with my cousin and aunt and I was the only one bawling like there was no tomorrow. :/ I cry very easily when something touches my heart. :) Happy day to you! Tammy


It was lovely to hear from you today, Friend. Come back and visit again soon.