Monday, October 17, 2011

Breakfast is Served!

I started out crocheting this as a rectangular dishcloth, but alas, a stitch count ended badly and I was left with a very wonky looking piece. Thankfully, by folding the lilting piece in half and stitching the sides, I was able to dispense with much of the oddity to get a rather pleasing result. The added thickness now gives this dishcloth the dual purpose of serving as a hot pad. I chose the popcorn stitch to get a little scrubby action in for the dishcloth side of things. 

Funny story: I made this as part of my mom's birthday gift. I didn't hide it, but just tossed it into my craft/guest room thinking that even if she walked in on a visit, her eyes would never find it amid all the stuff I keep in there. WRONG! Joke was on me. It was the very first thing she noticed. So much for surprises... *sigh* 
At least I know she is going to love it! 

~ Till next time ~