Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Christmas Yummies

The other day, I had company coming and wanted to make something special for their arrival. However, I didn't have much more than boxed cake mix on hand and a very limited time frame in which to bake. I decided to Google search ways to spruce of simple box cake mixes and found this lovely site

For the mini bundt above, I simple added two tablespoons of tropical fusion Jell-o to a white cake mix. For the glaze, I sprinkled some more tropical fusion into a simple mixture of hot water and powdered sugar. Thankfully, there are always plenty of cupcake picks on hand since I can never resist snatching them from dollar bins, so adding decoration was a cinch. These came together within a half hour. No lie. That simple.

May your Christmas season be full of unexpectedly easy delights!