Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snowman Wishes

As much as I love my collection of Christmas snowmen, I am really, really, really hoping for a big batch of freshly fallen snow for mine and John's first Christmas together so we can make an actual snowman in our front yard. Then he can wave a Merry Christmas to all the merrymakers who pass by that day.

C'mon and snow soon!


  1. Hi... unfinished projects and experiments? lol
    I might start a group..ONE A MONTH....finish those unfinished projects lol
    Suz X

  2. i'm with you....i would love to have snow for christmas....have a nice day.....rizzi

  3. I love snow too!! Far better than this mildish wet yuck!!

    S x

  4. Well, I'll start praying for snow for you for Christmas - but I'd like to have some sunshine over here - this is the second year in a row where there has been rain and cold for summer.

    Make sure you take a photo of the real snowman when he comes - wink wink ;)



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