Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cupcake Round-Up

{Cherry Almond Cupcakes}
 {Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes}

{Shirley Temple Cupcakes}

{Cherry Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes}
Hope you enjoyed this delicious post brought to you courtesy of Pinterest. I must bake some of these soon! Mmmmm!

Happy day to you!


P.S. Each picture is hyperlinked to its original source.


  1. Yummy..I'll have one of each please :P I love the sound of the cherry coke float cupcakes, they look deliciously more-ish :)
    I was hoping to do a bit of baking this weekend, but I have come down with a will have to wait till next weekend instead.

  2. Oh my, these cupcakes are works of art, how could anyone think of eating them.........
    They look sooooo yummy, the Cherry Choc Swirl cupcakes is my favourite in it's cute little paper cup.

    So glad no recipes were posted ...........look but don't eat, it's safer, hehe....

    Claire :}


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