Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Project

It is nearly that time of year... VALENTINE'S DAY 
Since it will be mine and John's first one together as husband and wife, I wanted to find ways to make it extra special. One way I am doing this is by outfitting our home with plenty of homemade love!

So, once again, I looked to see what I might have on hand.  
And let me tell you. 
A handmade wedding really leaves the bride 
with a lot of creative resources after the fact!

I took just a few of the silver squares used to harbor tealights on the reception tables and transformed them into a fridge saying. After attaching one heavy-duty round magnet to the back of each silver square via the crafter's best friend (a hot glue gun), I then did likewise to the front with an assortment of shiny red and hot pink chip board letters retrieved from my scrapbook stash. 


This was a very cheap project since the chipboard letters were purchased years ago in bulk from the $1.99 bin of our local Archiver's store. The silver squares cost less than a penny a piece at Pat Catan's when bought in a 12 pack. The heavy-duty magnets were the most expensive item. If I remember correctly, I paid around $8.00 for a 40 pack at Walmart. Enough blathering from me, though.  

Go out there and do something creative today!