Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craft Board

 (a bit of spray paint worked wonders on the formerly black and gold lids)

My long-lonely pinboard has finally found some friends to keep it company. As I was cleaning out the craftroom, items of similar color automatically crowded into one pile. Once I realized how perfectly they matched the pinboard fabric, I realized I had to find a way to keep all these lovelies together. The hoop and hollow eggs (perfect for hiding tiny notions) hung easily from the clear tacks that rim the board. Owlie the II readily perched in the pink circlet to whistle a happy tune. Only trouble left was figuring how to corral the glitter jars into the same vicinity. Then... I remembered... I have Velcro! Not the most practical solution, but it works for me. I realize now that I didn't hang them as equidistant as I had imagined. That is part of the beauty of spontaneity, though, right? ;-)

May all your crafty endeavors come together beautifully!


  1. I love your pinboard ,the colours go so well together and its very pretty xx

  2. Very pretty craft board. Clever idea with the glitter jars. :)

  3. Clever clever girl ! Now you have me thinking of all the things I can hang with velco. i hadn't thought of jars . Have a great week xx

  4. Wow hon - is is just gorgeous! So much prettier than the boring cork board I am using at the moment!! I will have to pinch your idea and look for some pretty fabric to line mine with. We have also just ended up with 5 small corkboards after my in-laws recent party (they held photos over the decades), and I was wondering what to do with them to jazz them up. I'm now going to add things like you have and pop them in my childrens bedrooms. They'll love them! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration! Also have to say that reading back through some of your recent posts - I just about fell off my chair seeing those amazing cookie photos. They are stunning. I think I might have to get into this pinterest thing!!


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