Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craft Board

 (a bit of spray paint worked wonders on the formerly black and gold lids)

My long-lonely pinboard has finally found some friends to keep it company. As I was cleaning out the craftroom, items of similar color automatically crowded into one pile. Once I realized how perfectly they matched the pinboard fabric, I realized I had to find a way to keep all these lovelies together. The hoop and hollow eggs (perfect for hiding tiny notions) hung easily from the clear tacks that rim the board. Owlie the II readily perched in the pink circlet to whistle a happy tune. Only trouble left was figuring how to corral the glitter jars into the same vicinity. Then... I remembered... I have Velcro! Not the most practical solution, but it works for me. I realize now that I didn't hang them as equidistant as I had imagined. That is part of the beauty of spontaneity, though, right? ;-)

May all your crafty endeavors come together beautifully!