Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY Valentine Wreath


1 Red Wire Coat Hanger
2 or 3 Red Faux Flowers (I chose 3 red roses)
7 or 8 strips of fabric cut with pinking shears into 10 inch length and 1 inch width
1 hot glue gun

Plug in your glue gun.

Bend the hanger into a heart shape. Take the top of the hanger and bend from a hook shape into a loopy, almost tear drop shape. 

Now that the wreath is shaped, take it over to your glue gun, fabric, and flowers. 

Arrange your flowers at the top in the way that pleases you. I kept a small length of the wire stem of each rose intact in order to wind it around the wreath for additional stability. Then I further reinforced it with hot glue. 

Squeeze some hot glue onto the end of a fabric strip and secure at the top of one side of the wreath underneath a petal or two of the flowers you just glued. 

Keep wrapping the fabric around the wreath following its contour only adding more glue every so often. I did about 2 additional squirts of glue in the middle and then secured each end very well. When starting a new fabric strip, be sure to overlap it with the end of the last one you did. 

Continue gluing and wrapping the fabric until you reach the top of the other side of the wreath.

Hang your wreath and prepare for your family and friends to admire!