Friday, February 10, 2012

Tea Light Cozy

Crocheted this in less than an hour for a cousin who adores jewel tones. The bulkier weight yarn ended up looking rather blobbish on the Mason jar. Enter polka dot ribbon to the rescue! Cinched in the bulk and added a lively spark to this tea light cozy.

Here's hoping ribbons of happiness stream into your day!


  1. Hi, love the jar cover its really pretty. I thought it was a jar full of beads to begin with. She will love it im sure ;-)) Just found your sweet blog. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  2. Love that yarn! The ribbon adds that extra special touch. I love making jar covers as they are so easy to work up and give new life to something that would otherwise be tossed. Have a good weekend. Tammy

  3. Well, hello there, and a happy Saturday morning to you.

    I think the jar covers are a brilliant idea - turning an ordinary jar into a beautiful object. Doesn't get much better than that.


  4. Hello my friend,
    This jar cover is so lovely! I love the bow with polka-dots! It looks as sweet as you do!
    I have an award for you, please drop by my blog and take it. Hope you like it too!
    Happy weekend!
    Best wishes, LS


It was lovely to hear from you today, Friend. Come back and visit again soon.