Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thrifty Art Idea

While visiting shops in Blowing Rock, NC (the enchanting small mountain town which Jan Karon calls home)  a couple summers ago, I found this fabric remnant clearanced out in the basement of an upscale interior design shop for only one dollar!

This portion of my wall had been underwhelming for some time when I remembered this bit of loveliness in my fabric stash. Its colors are the perfect accent for my chocolate brown, white, and gold dining room. I simply folded over the top salvage edge and then hammered it to the wall with a picture hanging nail in each corner. It was a might wrinkled, so before tacking down the bottom two corners, I sprayed it thoroughly with a wrinkle release spray, let it set a couple minutes, and smoothed it down with my hands really well before placing the final 2 nails. 

When the lamplight glows in the evening, the colors come alive turning this fabric into a living picture. 

May every day bring you closer to having the cozy, cheery home of which you dream!