Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine chocolates...

... are at the ready in this household. 
Tucked away in a vibrantly striped bucket (which is fabulously hot pink on the inside), festooned with a felt posie, and set upon a raspberry kerchief in the middle of our kitchen bistro table. 

Can you say, "Pass the chocolates?"

* * * * *

It is odd to me that I am now so invested in this holiday. The reason might seem plain to you, it being my first Valentine's Day married to the love of my life; however, I am realizing  for the first time that it is so much more than that. This enthusiasm has steadily been growing within me for the past several years.

 I think it all began with my parents' tradition to give my sister and I a little something as a Valentine's Day gift. Nothing big, mind you. A favorite book, a stationary set, or some other similar item, but it is always a gift unique to each of us. Pair it with a yummy dessert baked with lots of love by my mother and a movie especially rented by my father and you have one fun family night!

This year, even though I am no longer a resident of my childhood home, I know with a certainty that my mom and dad are all ready planning a small Valentine celebration and that their celebration still includes me. This Valentine's Day, more than any other, their simple gift will represent to me a sweet truth. I will always be my mommy and daddy's little girl. Nothing can change that. They love me and delight to find some small trinket with which to surprise me. Family togetherness is a blessed treasure for which I thank God daily.

This Valentine's Day, may your family find new ways to celebrate the love that binds you together!