Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Scrapbook of Poetry

Several weeks ago, my sister and I got together 
for an evening of paper-crafting fun. 

 First, we used the Bartleby website in order to locate poems by our favorite poets. I had previously made a scrapbook of Emily Dickinson's poems, so this time I focused on William Wordsworth. I had noticed Jan Karon quoting him quite frequently throughout the Mitford series and thus was eager to read more of his works. My little sis chose Elizabeth Barrett Browning's works for her scrapbook's focus. 

This is a fun, easy project that comes together rather quickly. The longest part was reading through the poems to decide which ones to print, but having previously performed that step of the process, the actual evening of paper crafting was a very simple and rewarding activity. Definitely a night to remember.  Made the finished book so much more meaningful since it has the memory of working together with my sister attached to it ~ our laughter, our joking, and even our uninspired staring as we supposed how we should embellish the next page. I am looking forward to doing more scrapbooks like this over the summer.

Happy Crafting!