Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Dreams Make Me Feel Fine


 Okay, so that's not quite the words to the song, but "dreams" fit my purposes better than "breeze." Only three more days of school. I love my little cherubs, but by the time summer rolls around, I am more than ready for a little extra R&R. 

The ivory box actually held Christmas cards in its former life before I re-purposed it into a gift box for Mother's Day. I had a Victorian book of art that I picked up for under two bucks a while back and decided to put the images to good use. If I had more time to do it over, I would have hot glued some fancy trim along the page edge to cover the faint sheen of tape that is visible every so often in certain lights. 

Today, may you all find time to reflect on the sacrifices of our brave service men and women. I am thankful for the freedom I have 
because of their bravery. 

Happy Memorial Day!