Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar...

 These cheery little spoons put a smile on my face the instant I spotted them deep in the corner of a brimful stall at the Country Living Fair. 
Yes, weeks later, and I am still in the afterglow of all that treasure hunting goodness. 

 It has been a quiet couple of weeks for me here in blogland owing to a multitude of life's muddly stuff. Work being the main time washer. However, last week, I was home quite a bit just not out of bed owing to a case of walking pneumonia.

 I am a frequent sinus allergy patient, but have never had an ailment so afflict my lungs. It was rather frightening to suddenly realize that I couldn't lie flat in my bed without the cold, burning feeling in my lungs overwhelming me. That sealed the deal. I finally gave in and dragged myself in to the doctor the next day instead of seeking further ways to "wait it out" for just a little longer. And, boy, am I glad I did! It may be cliched, but this week, I am feeling like a new me and am oh so happy to be back tap, tap, tapping away at my computer board keys.

Ailments can have a way of bringing fresh perspective on a whole host of odd thoughts that wander through the mind during hours of slothing among the pillows. 

Here are some sugary bits that came my way during my recovery:

1 ~  a start on decorating ideas for this Christmas
2 ~ the discovery of Karen Savage's wonderful read aloud version of The Secret Garden (for free on the ipad's audiobooks app; her soothing British accent set the perfect mood for this classic tale)
3 ~ the opportunity to finally finish reading the last 100 pages of Paolini's Inheritance
4 ~ a re-aquaintance with all things Mitford as I delved into Karon's Light from Heaven
5 ~ the stringing together of once disconnected ideas into a beautiful string of pearlized possibility

Lucy Cat was a dutiful nursemaid never leaving my side. I think she was truly concerned, for as soon as I was over the worst, she began to go about her normal routine again, but until that time whether I woke night or day, there she was snuggling into my side or curled up on my belly. 

Here's hoping that there is a rainbow at the end of any cloud that may come your way this week.