Friday, October 19, 2012

The At Long Last Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Loving my aqua, red, white, and pink goodness. So thankful for all the help provided by hubby, Mimsie and Dad!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Baby Douglas

I am finally learning how to use my blog press app on my iPad. Yippee, this is easier than expected! The photo above showcases the bib and bow tie l crocheted for my cousin's baby. (He arrived safely all plump and sweet this past Monday). The bib was made out of a full cotton but was very soft. Wish l still had the label. I would buy it again for sure. Have the feeling it was from a clearance bin which sometimes makes the labels hard to read anyway. The most tedious part of this little project was sewing the bow tie on without allowing it to skew crooked. Even pinning it in place, l still had a bit of a tricky time with it.

As you can see, l am still a bit new to this whole iPad thing. This is the only picture l took before shipping the cocoon to my cousin, so here it is in all it's screenshot-style glory...haha. I went for a more modern feel with this cocoon. Wasn't sure l liked it at first but, in retrospect, am really pleased l did it this way. That is one of the amazing things about the art of crochet. Even using the same pattern over and again, the end product can still look dramatically different just depending on the yarn texture, color scheme, and hook size used.
I rather think blogpress makes this all a mite too easy. I am liable to blather on about nothing all night. Better stop myself now. A pile of fluffy pillows is calling my name. Best be wise and heed their beckoning.
Goodnight, all! Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar...

 These cheery little spoons put a smile on my face the instant I spotted them deep in the corner of a brimful stall at the Country Living Fair. 
Yes, weeks later, and I am still in the afterglow of all that treasure hunting goodness. 

 It has been a quiet couple of weeks for me here in blogland owing to a multitude of life's muddly stuff. Work being the main time washer. However, last week, I was home quite a bit just not out of bed owing to a case of walking pneumonia.

 I am a frequent sinus allergy patient, but have never had an ailment so afflict my lungs. It was rather frightening to suddenly realize that I couldn't lie flat in my bed without the cold, burning feeling in my lungs overwhelming me. That sealed the deal. I finally gave in and dragged myself in to the doctor the next day instead of seeking further ways to "wait it out" for just a little longer. And, boy, am I glad I did! It may be cliched, but this week, I am feeling like a new me and am oh so happy to be back tap, tap, tapping away at my computer board keys.

Ailments can have a way of bringing fresh perspective on a whole host of odd thoughts that wander through the mind during hours of slothing among the pillows. 

Here are some sugary bits that came my way during my recovery:

1 ~  a start on decorating ideas for this Christmas
2 ~ the discovery of Karen Savage's wonderful read aloud version of The Secret Garden (for free on the ipad's audiobooks app; her soothing British accent set the perfect mood for this classic tale)
3 ~ the opportunity to finally finish reading the last 100 pages of Paolini's Inheritance
4 ~ a re-aquaintance with all things Mitford as I delved into Karon's Light from Heaven
5 ~ the stringing together of once disconnected ideas into a beautiful string of pearlized possibility

Lucy Cat was a dutiful nursemaid never leaving my side. I think she was truly concerned, for as soon as I was over the worst, she began to go about her normal routine again, but until that time whether I woke night or day, there she was snuggling into my side or curled up on my belly. 

Here's hoping that there is a rainbow at the end of any cloud that may come your way this week.