Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time to Get Crafty!

 As spring approaches, I find myself scavenging around my craft room nosing through the plethora of fabrics, trimmings, and notions as the sweet, sweet song of inspiration beckons me to new and crafty endeavors. Crazy, considering I all ready have a list a mile long of projects to make and gift this year. 

 Sometimes, crafting just needs to be impromptu. Not listed out neat and tidy. I believe that occasionally shocking the system with a new venture can help regain the discipline needed to get half-finished projects d-o-n-e.

There is just something so thrilling about peeking into 
a pretty, but long unopened box. 

 Oh, the joy of rediscovered bits and baubles!

 So while my tidy, prettily packaged, ready-to-go craft bags and carefully composed lists are helpful...

 ... they need not box me in! ;-)

What discoveries have left you feeling freer and happier this week?