Monday, April 22, 2013

Too Many Irons in the Fire....

 ... lead to my not posting for over a month! Wow, can that be true? Even as I type this, there are a few groceries still waiting to be put away, a sink overflowing with dishes, a load of delicates whirring in my washing machine, a stack of grades to be input to my online gradebook, and dinner waiting to be fixed. Oh, and now my phone calendar is dinging at me about yet another something I was about to forget to do! 
Summer please hurry! 

 While everything may seem overly stressful in the mad dash to finish this school year, I take heart by remembering this ~ in a mere five weeks, summer break will be here! 
Which means the bliss of:
  • Blogging time!!!
  • Williamsburg Vacation to celebrate anniversary number 2 with the hubby
  • A cross country drive to visit my sister in North Dakota
  • Baking to my heart's content
  • Piles of books to read for pleasure
  • Sunshine warming my shoulders
  • Cool breezes fluttering my curtains
  • Plenty of "crafternoons"
  • A house that will be clean top to bottom (yes, oddly enough the thought of having time to truly scrub down my home pleases me greatly!)
  • More excursions with Mimsie to discover the small towns and burgs of Ohio
  • Thrifting during the weekdays when it is less crowded

And the list could go on and onI am really looking forward to this summer break.

 Just writing all that insanity down helped me feel a bit lighter, so thank you for indulging me in my tirade, dear friends. I needed that. ;-)

Speaking of dear friends, I am honored to be featured on Koralee's beautiful blog Bluebird Notes. Hurry over and have a sneak peak into her completely inspiring book Everything Goes with Ice Cream. This was sweet cheer to discover on this harried day, for sure!

What cheers you on a busy day, my friends?