Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Quick Facelift...

...for my mini-journals!

Pleasure immediately filled my heart when I picked up these happy little darlings that were clearanced out at Target a few summers ago. I bought a couple in each pattern. 

Now, two years later, while I still adore them, my next set needed freshened up before I could put them to use. 


Cath Kidston sticker labels, of course! I got a pack as a Christmas gift and they have transformed so many unexpected objects in my everyday living. I love how the label border designs compliment the notebook patterns like a favorite country quilt. 


  1. I love your notebooks (and Cath Kidston of course!)

  2. Cute idea! Never considered buying already decorated journals and adding a special touch... hmmmm will have to rememeber this idea

  3. You always have such pretty yet practical ideas! I love how you do things!


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