Saturday, May 8, 2010

Timely Help

Ever get tired of wristwatches turning up in random, never-to-be remembered places? 

I've lost mine in trays of paperwork, under piles of folded laundry, within drawers of assorted minutiae, on top of cabinets, beside the kitchen sink, in the small space between my nightstand and bed (where it fell after my cat batted it over the table edge for her own personal feline amusement having been unable to resist the force of its shiny attraction). 

I was tired of forgetting such a vital accessory or (worse yet) remembering to look for it, but not in enough time to retrieve it from one of the many remote locations in which it could be hiding before having to scurry out the door watch-less to work. 

Now, I no longer have that problem, since I began corralling my watches in a pretty, little votive cup on my vanity. By nestling it amid the other necessities I use every morning to get ready for the day, I rarely ever forget my watch and always know where to find it. Not only is this a highly functional time-saver for me, but it is also pleasing to the eye as well. 

Let me know what helps you get ready for the day more efficiently.