Monday, August 30, 2010

the simple pleasures of small town life! I was blessed with a morning this summer to go explore the Vintage Boutique in downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio. I love how even the downspout pipe is painted a lively aqua at the bottom! This store shimmers and shines with a plethora of French-inspired vintage products. Francophiles, if you get a chance, swing by this shop and prepare to come away heart brim-full with happiness.

This photo made me smile when I ran across it today. It was a snapshot from this past summer full of cake-testing with my hubby-to-be and dreaming dreams of our future together. We stopped in here and bought a special plaque for our future home. It simply read: All because two people fell in love. Are we a couple of saps or what? 

I needed to be reminded of this special day after putting in an 11 hour day at work. Please forgive my long absence this past week. In the real world, I am a teacher ~ a career I love, but that requires a lot of extra hours which often keep me away from the computer. The first week's rush is now behind me and a calmer rhythm is slowly returning to
 my life. 

Au revoir for now, Dear Friends. I promise to be back before the end of this week ;-)