Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love yarn
(the sight, the color, the texture, the touch, the POSSIBILITIES)

Skinny yarn
(perhaps as a tiny flower on a fall sweater)

Fat, fluffy yarn
(cozy, cotton candy slippers.... mmm)

Multi-textured yarn
(woven lengthwise down a scarf would be nice)

Ultra-soft baby yarn
(snuggling an adorable, cuddly little body)


  1. Are these all projects in waiting??? That is some beautiful yarn. I wish I had more time to crochet. I have some great patterns.

  2. I am hoping... haha. I am finishing one big ripple ghan for Jonathan and then I am doing some purely selfish crocheting for a while. I have been crocheting for over 13 years and have very few items I have made for me. So for the next several months I am looking forward to crocheting for me. Terrible confession or what?

  3. What a wonderful collection of really beautiful and interesting yarn! Wouldn't mind any one of the above. Do you buy yarn locally or on the internet?

  4. I primarily buy my yarn locally, but have occasionally bought online. I am always looking for amazing deals (like a dollar a skein for yarns that used to be 7 dollars a skein). You would be amazed some of the places that I have found great yarn. The yarn pictured here was found in a clearance bin at an odds n ends store that sells bits of this and that from other stores who had surplus. They usually have furniture and drug store items, etc... This week, thankfully, they happened to have lots of yummy yarn! =)

  5. Where do you usually get your yarn, Cornel? You always have exquisite taste in the yarns you choose for your projects.


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