Friday, October 8, 2010

Creativity runs in my family

My Mimsie is so ingenious. She purchased these adorable, fall-coloured leaflets at the CL fair the other day and immediately came home to find a nifty purpose for them. I am so inspired by her! 

She simply cut a smidge off the end of a plain straight pin and popped it into the wax candle, thus affixing the leaf onto the candle.  Mimsie wasn't sure about the shiny pinhead, but I like it. I think it adds a small sparkle to each candle that is endearing. 

Some might say that I am over-romanticizing about relatively piddly things... a ball of wax, a sliver of metal and a piece of faux fabric. Perhaps I am. But isn't life about taking joy in the simple, often unnoticed things? To me, turning the most mundane aspects of life into something warm, cozy, and dare I say magical, is a sincerely gracious act of love and care for others. With the coming holidays, these next three months are a much-anticipated, annual decorating extravaganza for me and my family. I treasure each tiny detail recognizing the depth of thought that was put into it. That truly means something to me. What makes a gift is not the amount of money spent, but the thought and resourcefulness the giver heartily poured into the endeavor.