Monday, December 13, 2010

Allie's Afghan 

Allie is my youngest niece. It is not her actual name. My fiance has abbreviated all four of our nieces names so when said together in a row they will roll off the tongue in an easy cadence ~ 
Izzie, Ozzie, Ellie, and Allie. 

Being as Allie will only be one year old this Christmas, I thought a cozy little afghan would be perfect for her. I happened to have some Lion Brand Homespun yarn all ready on hand in these lovely shades of raspberry and jungle green. I started with a basic granny square which I adapted from one of my many pattern books so that the holes would not be as large. Then, I crocheted a solid, double crochet square to match in size. I joined all 20 squares together using two-chain crochet stitching and rounded it off with one layer of raspberry double crochet and the other a scallop in green. 

I often like to refer back to patterns of the past for guidance on future projects, but since I rarely follow a pattern to any one book's dictates, that can be troublesome. So, I decided to make a Crochet Recipe! I got the idea by accidentally referring to patterns as recipes ~ much to the amusement of my other family members. But then I realized, why not capitalize on my language blunder? It would be the perfect way to catalog all my projects for easy reference. I all ready have an assortment of chic recipe cards on hand picked up from dollar bins here and there. So problem solved! And all because of my own mishap with the English language.