Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Day

My world today and I am not complaining. The whirling white wonders of winter have long held my heart captive. If every day could find me snuggly snowed in my home with my family all around me, then I would be one sincerely happy girl. 

As always, my hands have been busy, steadily working to complete a Christmas project this time for my nieces. 

I LOVE having nieces. Since my engagement this past July, I now have 4 beautiful, adorable, darling nieces all under the age of 8 and I am eating up every minute of this most especial privilege!

I have successfully completed my Christmas gifts for my first two lovees (posts to follow),  but have yet to finishing whipping up the ones for my last two dearies. Eleven of the twelve flowers needed to complete this project (any guesses as to what the finished product might be?) are now finished...

... after which time, I will commence the process of transforming each one into a square. I am always amazed how a pattern can be steadily worked out of a circle and into a square with relative simplicity. What appears impossible to the naked eye is, in fact, not at all an arduous task, but a highly rewarding one.  

Now, time for me to get back to work!
(But, oh, what a pleasant form of work it is)