Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bits 'n' Baubles

Organization is one of my greatest joys in life. Seriously. However, my younger sister thinks my nearly compulsive desire for neatness and order is a thing of humor. She delights in creeping into my rooms and ever so slightly knocking something askew just to see how long 
it takes me to notice. 

The only down side to my organization mania (besides being the object of another's ridicule ~ wink, wink, Sis) 
is there comes a point where minutiae can become so well-organized it is actually hidden in plain sight. 
This last Saturday, I happened to steal a few precious moments to go through some of the compartments in my craft boxes. Immediately, my heart began to flutter at the mere sight of the colorful pretties.  I gleefully plucked each delicate item out of their sadly forgotten depths marveling that such loveliness could have been so easily put out of my mind.

I added these felt cuties to my stash chuckling at myself for thinking that I could actually use more little bits 'n' baubles for my all ready comprehensive treasure trove. (Drat those dollar bins and how they so quickly lure the dollars right out of my wallet!)
I came away from my unexpected craft-box expedition reacquainted with old friends, enchanted by my new ones, and brimful with inspired ways to use them. Hope I get around to executing some of 
these ideas soon!

In the meantime, may you all be warmed by the love light of home, charmed by the laughter of loved ones, and enchanted by bits of unexpected beauty sprinkled 
through your day.