Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Paper Crafting
After finishing off the wedding tags, I needed a place to store them. From the deep of my craft closet, I exhumed some empty coco tins just waiting to be 
prettied up for a purpose. 

First, a dry paper towel dusted the fine brown powder out of the inside of the metallic barrel. There was still a delicious, chocolate-y aroma left behind which was an added perk of using hot drink mix tins. 

I then wrapped a piece of scrapbook paper around the outer perimeter of the tin. I have to admit, these have about a quarter inch gap in back that I had to piece together with more paper. One 12x12 piece gives you plenty of leftover to fill the gap with, but it was 
still an annoying task. 

Rather than decoupage medium, I used double sided tape to tack the paper to the container. Not sure how long it will last, but it was the "permanent" heavy duty kind not the "re-positional" kind. I made sure to tape around all edges very well and, so far, I have been very 
pleased with the results.