Friday, February 11, 2011

It's all in the details

 1). These lovely corsages will be adorning the petite wrists of all four of my four flower girl fairies. I was smitten with these fabric flowers the moment I first saw them at Bath & Body Works over the Christmas holiday, but (cheapskate that I am) I was not willing to pay $2.50 for each one. My patience was rewarded the week after Christmas when I got these for only a buck a piece! I love dollar delights!

2). It was Mimsie's thoughtful eye that caught sight of these goblets ~ in a Kroger advertisement of all places! Even though they were intended for New Year's Eve celebrations, we loved how these goblets not only had the wedding's accent colors, but were also printed with the year we are getting married. What a perfect way to commemorate our special day for years to come!

With roughly 20 weeks to go before our big day, this household is full wedding mania. Not to worry, though. I am still crocheting and will have some new projects to share shortly. Until then...

Happy Friday!