Saturday, February 26, 2011

Posies on Parade

Yesterday was the 8th snow day for our school district. 8th! Ohio weather is infamously moody, but yesterday was the mother of all moods swings. Went to bed Thursday evening to the sound of a crushing rain pounding against my window. Woke midway through the night to hear the steady tapping of ice. Chanced a peek out my window 7:30 am Friday morning to see a blizzard of fine, icy snow racing by at a sharp, sideways slant. Late Friday morning, big fluffy snowflakes softened all the icy angles on the trees and shrubbery to make the world seem light and lovely once more. By late afternoon, a warm up had removed almost all traces 
of the previous 15 hours' tirade. 

I was supremely glad to be snuggled into my home with a big, fat pile of posies to sew while Mimsie and the 9th season of Murder, She Wrote kept me company. The finishing touches came together quite nicely and I cannot wait to see how well they look on the sweaters for which
 they are intended.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!