Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Of Posies and Calamity Days

Yesterday marked the 9th calamity day so far this school year! The Ohio weather has gotten stranger still. After the freak rain/sleet/ice/snow storm of last Friday, we had rain, tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms and subsequent flooding Monday. Oh, well. This past four day weekend allowed me to get even more delightful tasks accomplished for my wedding. 
(now with only 123 days left to go in case you were interested... it's probably just me, though. ;-)

This flower was a complete and utter delight to make from start to finish. In my previous post, I had slightly altered some of the posies from the patterns in Suzann Thomas' Crochet Bouquet merely to fit my taste and convenience. However, this sweet little darlin' was absolutely perfect for my needs from start to finish. The fanned, raspberry petal is made by gathering the slightly narrower side of the piece with a length of thread. Ungathered, it would have made a fun, retro-style edging for a lamp shade or  curtain. Hmmm... yet another project for me to stow away for future use. So many wonderful patterns and intriguing ideas! This blog will be chockful of photos for many, many years to come. 

Which brings me to more gladsome news. Today is my blog's 1st birthday! While this was one of the speediest years of my life, it was also one of the most exciting and inspiring I have ever lived. I have so enjoyed getting to meet all you talented bloggers and make many new friends along the way. Here's to many more posts chronicling my journey through a crafter's life.

Happy 1st Birthday, Aurora Blythe!


  1. Happy bloggy birthday to you,
    Happy bloggy birthday to you,
    Happy bloggy birthday to you, ooh,
    Happy bloggy birthday to you,
    Hip hip hooray!

    Now, what are you going to do with these flowers? Just wondering',,


  2. Happy blogiversary! I am loving all these beautiful flowers you are crocheting! Splendid reminder of spring. Stay warm. Sorry to hear about all the wintry weather you're getting this year.

    Laura :)

  3. Best wishes for your blogversary!! Love the red and aqua posie - very sweet.

  4. Your blog is one years old! How awesome. The thing I have loved most about blogging is meeting so many inspiring women and creating new friendships. It also is a great motivation to continue creating! 120 days to your wedding day. How exciting!

  5. Happy blog birthday! And here's wishing you a great year ahead! I love these flowers...the way you have fanned them out! Very pretty! ♥

  6. Oooh, this is a very pretty and special flower. Well done and happy first blog birthday to you!


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