Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rose Petals

Nonplussed by the current availability of rose petals in the color I wanted for a price I was willing to pay, I decided to try something a little different. 

I took plain white rose petals from the Dollar Tree and then lightly brushed them across an aqua ink pad.

 Total cost for six hundred aqua rose petals? 

Happy crafting!


  1. That is such a great idea! You should join the Frugal Friday post carnival from on Fridays :)

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Lemon. I may just have to check that out!

  3. Great idea!!! What will you do with the petals?

  4. Besides filling the baskets of my four flower girl fairies (boy, am I brave, right? haha), I am thinking of scattering them around the cake display and/or the head table. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by, Abby! It is always so nice to hear from you. =)


It was lovely to hear from you today, Friend. Come back and visit again soon.