Tuesday, February 8, 2011


~ for the ushers ~

~ for the groomsmen ~

~ for the fathers ~

I spent Sunday afternoon putting the finishing touches on fifteen boutonnieres. Once I was done, I needed a way to store them safely and to also clearly label each one for whom it is intended (because, Lord knows I won't have time to hand deliver them to their intended the day of!). 

Then, I remembered my substantial cache of aqua organza bags purchased from Ebay last summer. My sweet fianc√© had also given a beautiful set of kitchen labels as part of my Christmas gift which perfectly complemented the color of the bags. 

So problem solved! I carefully labeled each bag and then placed them all in a box generously swathed in cushions of aqua tissue paper. I love it when beauty and function come together in a harmonious way!


  1. Only a true-blue organizer can appreciate the gift of labels & containers. If Mr Lemon bought me a label maker for home, I think I'd pass out with joy. ;)

  2. Beautiful :) Must feel great to get something crossed off the list.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  3. They are absolutely beautiful!


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