Friday, March 18, 2011

Pew Decorations

This was a project I actually tackled the first week of January, but have only just now remembered to post! Shame on me... Oh, well. This was a project that came together much more quickly than I had originally anticipated 
(to the great thanks of Mimsie). 

I started with such accoutrements...

... first proceeding to untwist these sparkly dangles just so I could retwine them into smaller, more delicate bunches.

Then, I wrapped them onto these white berried branches.

Tying white organza ribbon at the tops hid the bunchy clustering effect where I had twisted everything together with metal wiring. The butterflies do this even better (as seen in very top picture).

Currently, I am working on an unforeseen crochet project that came to me on a whim this past week. Hope to post pixies by weekend's finish. I am so excited by the color scheme I created out of old bits from my stash. 

Hope your weekend is blessed with the spirit of ingenuity and that unfinished projects find a way of wrapping themselves up. Lord knows I have more than a few of those I wouldn't mind knocking out this weekend!

Till next time!