Friday, March 18, 2011

Pew Decorations

This was a project I actually tackled the first week of January, but have only just now remembered to post! Shame on me... Oh, well. This was a project that came together much more quickly than I had originally anticipated 
(to the great thanks of Mimsie). 

I started with such accoutrements...

... first proceeding to untwist these sparkly dangles just so I could retwine them into smaller, more delicate bunches.

Then, I wrapped them onto these white berried branches.

Tying white organza ribbon at the tops hid the bunchy clustering effect where I had twisted everything together with metal wiring. The butterflies do this even better (as seen in very top picture).

Currently, I am working on an unforeseen crochet project that came to me on a whim this past week. Hope to post pixies by weekend's finish. I am so excited by the color scheme I created out of old bits from my stash. 

Hope your weekend is blessed with the spirit of ingenuity and that unfinished projects find a way of wrapping themselves up. Lord knows I have more than a few of those I wouldn't mind knocking out this weekend!

Till next time!


  1. Perfect pew decorations! Can't wait to see your new project. Hoping to finish up all my squares for Sophie's blanket over spring break. It has been unfinished to long. :)

  2. Hello
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, nice to meet you and I am now going to havea litte browse round your lovely blog xox i always feel so blessed to meet like minded people out in the land of blog. Have a fabulous week xox Penelope

  3. Your pew decorations are lovely:-)


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