Monday, August 22, 2011

Flower Girl Fairies

 {all photos above are by the fabulous Amber Bryan of amber nicole photo}

The girls did such a lovely job on our special day!  
I had 4 flower girls - 2 three-year-olds, one five and one seven. Most people's eyebrows raised when I divulged this tidbit of info before the wedding. As many things as could have gone wrong, though, they were perfect, little, adorable angels of whom I am so proud! The three blondies are 3 of my four wonderful nieces (number four is still a baby). The fourth sweetie is my cousin's daughter. It was precious to watch the wedding video and realize how sweetly mindful the two older flower girls were toward the two younger. Show stoppers, that's for sure!

The whole flower fairy vision was complete and total DIY. I located the ballet leotards from Capezio dance wear via The ever artful Mimsie researched best tulle-skirt-making practices on youtube.  
(Even though we had it down to a science by the fourth one, it still took hours with Mimsie, Sis, and me all working together in order to get all the tricksie tulle strips 
tied about the ribbon all proper like). 
I scoured Etsy getting ideas for how I wanted the wings to be shaped. And as the final, crowning touch, the fairies each carried handmade doily baskets in which to tote their petals. (Sadly, there was not time to crochet the doilies myself. I simply purchased these at the local Dollar Tree. Not a bad deal!).

This project was perhaps one of the simplest 
I did in preparing for the wedding.  
To get a similar look, dip a doily in a bowl of the stiffest fabric starch you can find (I used Faultless in the deep blue bottle) until it is soaked completely through. Next, hold the doily over the bowl a minute so as to allow most of the starch drip to off. Do NOT wring it out. Drape the wet doily over the bottom of an oven-safe bowl. Place bowl on a cookie sheet layered with foil otherwise the starch will form a stiff, gooey ick on the pan as it bakes. Bake in an oven set to 250 degrees Farenheit for 20-45 minutes. (Time greatly varies depending on the thickness of the bowl you are using). Check back periodically. You want the bowl to be dry to the touch without browning from the heat. 
Last step, tie on ribbon handles and fill with flower petals!

{amber nicole photo}

I hope you enjoyed another peek at my wedding. We  got the wedding pictures back this past week and I have been itching to share them. I will be sure to spread them out over time, though so you all don't get tired of them. ;-)

Take time to enjoy this day!